New Zealand is at COVID-19 alert level one. Please read below for further details - stay safe and take care.

12 March 2021

New Zealand is now operating at Alert Level One - fantastic! 

This means there are no distancing protocols or group size restrictions within YMCA centres.

However, it's still important to work together to keep safe and well - don't forget to scan in each time you visit us, and please stay home if you're not feeling well.

5 March 2021

As a result of today's government announcement and Auckland moving back to alert level 2 from 6am on Sunday, our Auckland centres will re-open. We will be operating under strict distancing and hygiene protocols - please see here for more details and check your local centre page for detailed operating information.

2 March 2021

For our Auckland customers, please see information below about your payments while our centres are closed.

  • Fitness - your payments will be frozen until we re-open
  • Children's term programmes - we will be extending the term by as many weeks as we are closed
  • Swim school - we will be offering make-up lessons for those that have been missed while we are closed
  • Out of school care - for those who have pre-paid, you will receive a credit
  • Leagues - please contact your local centre for more details

27 February 2021

Due to the outbreak continuing in Auckland and the move to Alert Level 3, our Auckland recreation centres and outdoor camps will be closed.

Waikato and Bay of Plenty will move to Alert Level 2, and operate under distancing and hygiene protocols.

Please check back here for further details, and also keep an eye on the Y Family Facebook page for online content and connection. 

We wish all of our Y whanau keep well and safe. This is not an easy time for anyone, and we want you to know that we're still here for you.

17 February 2021

As a result of the government announcement today and the move to Level 2 tonight, all of our Auckland centres and school camps will re-open on Thursday 18 February 2021. We're so happy that the lockdown was short-lived and we're looking forward to welcoming everybody back in. We will be operating under strict hygiene and distancing protocols - please visit here for comprehensive details about a safe visit to the Y.

Waikato and Bay of Plenty will move to Level one - please do your bit to keep everyone safe and well by not visiting our centre if you or your child is not well, and please keep scanning in each time you arrive.

15 February 2021

Our Waikato and Bay of Plenty centres remain open under Level 2. We're working hard to keep everyone safe and well - please check our YMCA Hamilton page for detailed operating information and how to safely visit our centre.

14 February 2021

Due to a new community outbreak in Auckland and the announcement of Level 3 from 11.59 tonight, our Auckland centres will be closed. 

Hamilton will remain open, however please observe the physical distancing and hygiene requirements of Level 2.

Please contact your local centre for specific queries, we will continue to update you via this page.

12 November 2020

Due to the new community case in Auckland CBD, from November 13 we will be operating YMCA Auckland City Fitness, YMCA Hostel and City Lodge under Level 2 protocols. This includes social distancing measures, wearing of masks where appropriate, and cleaning and sanitising. 

We ask that anyone who is unwell to please not come into our centres.

8 October 2020

All of New Zealand is now at Level 1 - there are no more restrictions on group sizes or social distancing. However, it's still important to work together to keep everyone healthy and safe. Please click here to see info about a safe visit to YMCA sites.

24 September 2020

We are now at COVID-19 Level 2. This means some group size restrictions no longer apply - please visit our protocols page to view our Children's Term Programme, Venue Hire and League protocols 

22 September 2020

Great news! Our Hamilton, Rotorua and Bay of Plenty sites are now at COVID-19 Level 1

27 August 2020

All of our Auckland centres will be re-opening on Monday 31 August 2020.

Due to group size restrictions, our adult sports leagues will not be operating until after September 6 - all other programmes will be operating under group size controls.

Information on your fees:

Membership fees

Fitness: Our payments were put on hold when we closed. They will now be resumed.

  • If you pay weekly, your next payment will be on September 3 and will include payment for 2 additional days covering the period August 31 to September 9 inclusive.
  • If you pay monthly, your next payment will be on September 20 and will include payment for 12 additional days covering the period August 31 to September 19 inclusive.
  • For paid in full and term memberships, you will have 19 days added to the end of your term to cover the duration of the closure.

Learn to swim: For direct debit payers, these will resume. For those who paid ahead for Term 3, we will be holding make up classes during the school holidays. We will be in touch with further details.

Children’s term programmes: We will be holding make up classes for any sessions you had paid for and missed while we were closed. These sessions will take place during the school holidays. We will be in touch with further details.

24 August 2020

Today the Prime Minister announced that Auckland will remain at alert Level 3 until 11.59pm on Sunday. As a result our Auckland centres will remain closed until Monday - we will be announcing more detailed information as soon as we are able. 

14 August 2020

As per the Prime Minister's announcement this evening - Auckland remains in Level 3 until midnight 26 August. This means that our Auckland centres remain closed for the time being.

The rest of New Zealand remains in Level 2, which means that our programmes across Waikato and the Bay of Plenty remain open, operating with strict hygiene and distancing protocols.

For further information please visit here:

and for Hamilton Early Learning Centre please visit here:

13 August 2020

Information for YMCA Auckland customers:

All fitness member payments for members of Auckland centres have automatically been put on hold until our centres re-open. As a not-for-profit, we're reliant on membership payments to support our staff. If you would like to donate your payments while we're close it would be a huge support - please let us know here

For children's term programmes - gymnastics and dance, and all swim school customers:

 - Any direct debit payments have been paused until we re-open

 - For those who have paid ahead, we will be holding make-up lessons for any lessons you have paid for and missed under Level 3. We'll be in touch directly with more details about this when we have further information.

11 August 2020

Due to a new outbreak, Auckland will be on Level 3 lockdown from midday tomorrow until midnight Friday.

We have made the decision not to open the Auckland centres on 12 August 2020 onwards.

Hamilton, Rotorua and Tauranga will be operating at Level 2 so will be opening as per those guidelines.

Please take care and stay safe - you can connect with us on the YMCA Family Facebook page: